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How to effectively control the wear of thrust bearings can not cause failure

    Thrust bearing driving effect is very outstanding, in different mechanical equipment are applied existing market space is very broad, manufacturer is to seize the wantonly production bearing products, led to what is now the number of products on the market very much, thus affecting the overall product quality standards, users reflect wear is very serious. So how to reduce the thrust bearing wear, make the operation more stable. The following for everyone in detail:
First, lubrication replenishment, thrust bearing to transmission effect is the need for close contact with the parts, constant friction to transmit effect, and now run is several times before, resulting in bearing running pressure is more and more high, the wear is intensified, the lubrication is between the bearing and the parts forming lubricating effect, make its wear not to influence the operation, this is the people in the running parts most one of common ways.
Secondly, control frequency of use, when thrust bearing using frequency has exceeded parts bearing capacity, more lubrication work still can not play to the effect of operation stability, long-term failure problem is in reason, it is best to control the bearing use frequency, use the same components to be replaced using, so as to complete more production requirements.